About SaltJockeys.com

Bred and spawned in the oldest fishing seaport in the country, Gloucester, Massachusetts, Saltjockeys.com is your 24/7 one-stop e-Superstore for all your saltwater fishing, charters and apparel, PERIOD!

Offering the freshest USA-harvested seafood shipped to your door from your favorite TV reality Tuna fishing celebrity and Captain, Dave Marciano, of the FV Hard Merchandise, fishing charters with TV reality Tuna fishing celebrities like Dave Carraro Captain of the FV TUNA.COM, we have you covered!

We at Saltjockeys.com have a passion for everything ocean and saltwater fishing and decided that there needs to be an easier way to shop for ALL of your go-to's in one e-Superstore for easy navigation and ideas that suit the everyday fisherman, a commercial operation, or just a love of all things ocean! Please have fun navigating SaltJockeys.com and discovering a new world to stay ahead of the saltwater fishing curve.

Also, coming soon we will have a Youtube Channel, Podcast plus also coming soon you can join our fishing talk forum, share stories and photos of your biggest catches worldwide, and discuss stories with some of the biggest names in the fishing world and TV reality Tuna fishing celebrities on scheduled Q & A days!! 

Welcome to team Saltjockeys.com, where we are all a big ocean and fishing COMMUNITY & FAMILY.

Chasin' wakes daily, baby!!